Unraveling; Arising

by With The End In Mind

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Born of grief and uncertainty, born of life-changing experiences in the wilds of Northern California and the Olympic Mountains, born of ever escalating crises and ever escalating resistance. Unraveling; Arising is a labor of truest love, a call of urgency, a reverent homage to Life in all its forms.

Much credit and thanks is due to the allies who have helped manifest this Dream in the World. They have brought much hope and support throughout the process of creation:

Caitlin Fate- Keys, Voice, Art and layout assistance
Tom Boyer- Bass, Art and layout assistance
Pierson Roe- Drums
Kyle Valery- Guitar
SPNR- Cover Art and Violin on Wheeling, Endlessly Wheeling


released June 20, 2016

Composition, recording, and mixing, as well as guitars, bass, vocals, percussion and ambient textures by Alexander Roland Freilich
Mastered By Ethan Camp



all rights reserved


With The End In Mind Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: Sings The Sky
O’ to be scoured clean…
Roaring, whipping through shivering boughs
From South and West, this Wind brings forth a new world!
With meteoric trails erupting in cold expanse high above
Let this blindness fade! Let this deafness recede!
O’ to be scoured clean…
Sings the Sky in falling stars
Roaring, whipping, saying:
“Cast off those tattered rags, and emerge anew”
Track Name: Anguish Symmetry
We have the duty to fight, we have the duty to win!
Each of us bears this wound
This wound that we have suffered upon the Earth
The pain, searing through, the fear a crushing burden
Utterly orphaned, an inheritance of scars
Myth of inherent sin, of frailty, and greed
The stories we tell have led us here,
The stories we tell have led us to die
Hold this precious seed of life close!
It burns and pulses and strives to overcome!
Track Name: From The True Source
On thunderous High, where waters run down rocks from the sky
I was crushed, and pummeled, and shaped to live anew
Psilocybe! Crashing down, singing songs
Bear me gently, bear me home
O’ sun dappled underworld
O’ timeless inexhaustible Source
Your life is my life. And my life is yours
Track Name: Wheeling, Endlessly Wheeling
On that night of changing paths, we ascended the great Valley
And our eyes mirrored the wheeling sky overhead
Wheeling, endlessly wheeling
I glimpsed hidden worlds, and Time consuming itself
In each moment dying, in each moment arising
What is to come? This world is as sharp as the edge of a knife
Danger and possibility are kin
Knowing grief and solace, truest love and righteous rage
Onwards, Ever Onwards!